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<font size=3>First off - dispell some rumors - AOL does not scan your
hard drive and sell info to advertisers.&nbsp; Don't spread rumors about
something you don't know as fact.&nbsp; AOL does have a download and
install system that automatically updates your AOL software with minor
revisions - it's called Tool On Demand - the demand being that when you
go to logoff the AOL software checks itself to make sure it is fully
updated based on the major version number of the software you are
using.&nbsp; The TODs are only updating things like .dlls and the AOL
tool files.&nbsp; <br>
Second - some builds of AOL 5.0 will trash your machine, some
won't.&nbsp; The earlier releases do take over - even if you do not
designate AOL as the default.&nbsp; They have fixed this problem in later
builds so it's a crapshoot whether you get a good version or a bad
version of AOL 5.0.&nbsp; There's no way to know until you install the
As far as looking at pages in the AOL browser, the suggestion to use a
test machine is a good one. Or install AOL 4.0 - it uses the same browser
as AOL 5.0.&nbsp; 6.0 is in alpha testing and I believe is scheduled to
go internal beta pretty soon and from what I hear is much better than AOL
5.0.&nbsp; Of course this IS AOL talking - so take it with a grain of
And for those that question the validity of my rumor squashing - I worked
for the company for over 4 years and still have many many friends
internally.&nbsp; I did do tech with them - both host and client side -
so I do know a little bit about what I am saying.<br>
At 09:32 AM 5/20/00 -0700, Richard Haskins wrote:<br>
<blockquote type=cite cite>Those wonderful AOL &quot;software
upgrades&quot; are actually a small agent on your machine that scans the
directories of your hard drive and reports your directory structure to
AOL then sells this information to advertisers.<br>
I once installed and unregistered copy of a database program on my
machine.&nbsp; No one knew I had it.&nbsp; AOL did one of their
&quot;software upgrades&quot; and within 2 weeks I was getting offers my
mail for add-ons and enhancements to my database program.<br>
&gt;I get mysterious, automatic &quot;updates&quot; installed without
asking everytime I<br>
&gt;log off.&nbsp; <br>
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