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 Date:  Mon, 22 May 2000 13:51:08 -0400
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At 11:21 PM 21/05/00 -1000, you wrote:
>I have a site I am in the process of planning & I wanted to use a=
>graphic that has a border on the left side.  This is where I want to put=
>links...but here's the catch...I want the text in the main body of the page
>to scroll...but I want the links to stay where they are in the side portion
>of the page...I do not want to use frames...I want the links (I was going=
>use text links with a different font than the body, instead of using
>button/graphic links)--fixed like the background attachment.  This site
>though...has to be geared to version 3+ browsers.  Is this possible, or do=
>have to let the whole thing scroll?

After a little more exploration I found the following:=20  which=
is a JavaScript library item that does the scrolling menu thing.  They call=
it drifting layers (layers here referring to any absolutely positioned=20
elements on a page using the DIV element, not the NS LAYER tag) and that's=
apparently what the Glassdog site uses to achieve their menu=20
scrolling.  Apparently this is cross-browser compatible and the example on=
the above page works in my IE 5.5 even if it's from the Netscape Developer=

As an additional note, if you would like to get into cross-browser DHTML,=20
I'd suggest you look into the "Building Dynamic HTML GUIs" book by Steve=20
Champeon and David S. Fox.  I started reading it recently and it's very=20
interesting.  Their approach uses a JavaScript object wrapper API that lets=
you control DHTML elements using the same syntax regardless of what browser=
you use.  All the ugly workarounds and branching code is hidden in the=20
functions included in their JavaScript API library.  You can find out more=
about this and download the object wrapper library from their site:=20


St=E9phane Bergeron

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