Table Woes

by Virginia Blalock <virginia(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 07 Sep 2001 14:13:45 -0500
 To:  hwg-techniques(at)
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Ok, I have a graphic I sliced up. The guy wants the thing to extend "to the 
end of the page." Now knowing that everyone has different size monitors I 
am trying to make the table with percentages(liquid) and use one of the 
slices as an expandable one(using the graphic as a background in a table 
cell). When I put text in the expandable cell the graphic renders how it is 
supposed to. But when I take out the text and put a non-breaking space in 
there(to keep NN from collapsing it,etc) there is a big space. Is there a 
way I can fix this?
Here is a URL showing the problem

Thanks to anyone who can help!
Virginia's Visions

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