RE: Window Size? IE vs. Netscape yet again (I think)

by Nathan Lyle <natlyle(at)>

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>Again, this is a matter of some minor matter in your layout.


>I have done what I did many times before, that's just go to your page and
>save it through IE5.  This has once more fixed the issue.
>Mind... this document will not validate, because of this save function doing
>very nice things to ensure some compatibility (you can consider this a
>conversion tool to make it most-browser-compliant)
>Here's the code.  Open in browser, admire, compare with the original and
>work on it.

I appreciate the attempt, but the code I saw left much to be desired, plus
it was completely broken. First I tried just saving it to the directory so
it could find the style sheet, images, etc., didn't work. Then I tried to
clean up some of the major gaffs, couldn't seem to get it that way either.
I'm willing to concede *maybe* there's something my email program did with
the HTML, but I don't think Eudora alters HTML at all before displaying it.
The only thing I saw in the code that maybe you were referring to was the
<.tbody> which I have never seen used before... is this some Microsoft deal
with tables?

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