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by Nathan Lyle <natlyle(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 09 Jul 2001 16:01:30 -0400
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>   IT seems that if you think of "changes for the footer" then
>   your page is created dynamically. If so, then creation date is
>   the same as today.

You know, that's a thought that should have hit me square up side the head
a lot sooner than it just did. If a part (any part) of the page is being
created dynamically, then the modified date would *have* to be today. Right?

>BTW  Do you see today date in Netscape and in IExplorer ?
>      If not then your server is not sending header with
>      "last modified" information to your browser.
>      If that info is missing then Netscape shows 1/1/1970
>      but IExplorer shows today date (is cheating in a smart way)

I haven't seen the 1970 date in either Netscape or IE, either when viewing
it directly on my machine, or from the server I was putting the demo on.

>After visiting the page:
>      Actually Opera 3.61 shows
>  "Site Design By Nathan Lyle - Last Updated On Friday, June 29, 2001"
>      So it is today.  I do not really know which file of the
>      three involved is updated today.  Have to experiment :)

I have to do a bit more experimenting myself with this whole thing, but
have put it off to get other things done. Sometimes web work can be
overwhelming when you find *too* much of it to do... <happy frown>

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