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by "Judith C. Kallos" <webmaster(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 22 Sep 2000 08:10:51 -0500
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Hello, Techniques Members:  ;-)

This FAQ is sent to you each Friday to keep you up to date
with HWG information as well as to introduce the List Guide
Program to our new members.  Keep a copy of the most
current FAQ in a convenient place for easy access to the
Guild's information and resources.

This month's Town Hall meeting is scheduled as follows:

   Date:      Thursday, 28 Thursday 2000
   Time:      6:30 p.m. PST, 9:30 p.m. EST
   Server:    HWG Interactive,
   IRC:, port 6667
   Channel:   #townhall

All members are invited to stop by and join in the discussion.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Judith Kallos
Asst. List Guide Manager

HWG-Techniques Administrative FAQ
Last Updated: 09.22.00

1.  Mailing List Reminders
2.  What are List Guides?
3.  Who are the HWG-Techniques List Guides?
4.  Can I subscribe to the list without getting so much email?
5.  How do I subscribe and unsubscribe?
6.  How do I send a message to the list?
7.  What if my messages are not posting to the list?
8.  What is the HWG-Techniques mailing list?
9.  What topics do NOT belong on HWG-Techniques?
10.  What other lists are available?

1.  Mailing List Reminders

Many members of our list receive tons of email per day and reading
through unedited posts can be very tedious at times.  One of the
Netiquette Guidelines for the HWG asks that members edit their
replies on the mailing lists.

When you reply to a post, it is best to edit out any information that
you are not directly responding to.  Information like the email headers
or .signature files are not necessary in a reply post.  If you are
responding to an entire post, you may not even need to include the
post (that is your decision).  As long as you include the original subject
line and the name of the person who sent what you are replying to,
people should understand and be able to follow the discussion.

Some people may wonder why they are asked to do this.  When you
think about the fact that there are thousands of messages being sent
out on a daily basis through the HWG mail server, it makes sense that
a little editing can go a long way in helping the server's performance
as well as making the list more streamlined for those reading every

2.  What are List Guides?

The List Guide Program was created to assist members on the HWG
Mailing Lists to get the most from the lists. We perform the task of
helping the lists get and keep quality, valuable, valid content.  In
addition, List Guides provide assistance to all who request it and help
enforce the HWG policies for the mailing lists.  Information on the List
Guide program can be found at <> .

We are here, always in the background, to assist you with your questions
and concerns.  We do contact members, via private email, when we are
concerned about a post that may have infringed on the Actionable Rules
located at: <>.   Please understand we
will always err on the side off caution when it comes to these 10 rules and
appreciate your understanding in this regard.  We do not _generally_ enforce
Netiquette Guidelines.

If you have a problem with what someone else has posted to the list,
then you may freely respond to them in private email.  List Guides will
address any violations of the HWG's Mailing List's Actionable Rules via
private email.  The Guild's lists are a privilege, not a right, and adherence
to the rules is expected of anyone who becomes an HWG member and
uses the lists.  Continued failure to abide by these rules may result in
removal from the lists.

The List Guide program is authorized and endorsed by the HTML Writers
Guild Governing Board. If you have a problem with an action taken by a
List Guide you may address that with their manager(s) by sending mail
to lg-manager(at) .

3.  Who are the HWG-Techniques List Guides?

Individuals Currently Volunteering for HWG-Techniques:

HWG-Techniques List Guides:  <lg-techniques(at)>

Jeff Diaz
Christopher Higgs
Melanie Trivett

You can email the Techniques List Guides at <lg-techniques(at)>
with any questions you may have in regards to the HWG-Techniques List.

4.  How do I subscribe and unsubscribe?

List Guides do not have the ability to modify members subscription info.
Sending an unsubscribe request directly to the list will not accomplish
your request.

When sending out a subscribe or unsubscribe message, subject
information is NOT needed.  Do NOT include your email address in the
subscribe message.  If you have any problems with subscribing or
unsubscribing, please send email to <owner-hwg-techniques(at)>
or to the List Guides <lg-techniques(at)>

To unsubscribe from the HWG Techniques List
you need to send a message to:

In the body of the message type: unsubscribe

For information about subscribing or unsubscribing to the list, please see:

5.  Can I subscribe to the list without getting so much email?

A "digest" version of the list is available. By subscribing to the digest
version of the hwg-techniques mailing list, you receive a group of posts
in one email message. That way, instead of getting 20 messages a day
from the list, you would get 1 or 2 which contain all of the posts from that
day. You can still participate in the hwg-techniques list like a regular
subscriber, you just receive your messages in a more compact manner.

For information about subscribing to the Digest version, please see:

6.  How do I send a message to the list?

Each list has a different feel and different general community rules.
Please spend some time listening in ("lurking") before posting in order
to get a feel for the way in which conversations take place.

To send a message to the hwg-techniques List, send mail to:

7.  What if my message is not posting to the list?

First troubleshoot the following items:

*Did you subscribe to the Techniques List and receive confirmation the
subscription was processed?

*Are you sending your post to: hwg-techniques(at)

*Are you sending using the email address you originally used to subscribe
to the list?

*Does the email you subscribed with have an autoresponder attached to it?

*Does your email contain HTML formatting or attachments of any kind?

It is not uncommon for members to change email addresses and inadvertently
forget that the "new" address was not the one they used when they subscribed
to the list.  The new address would not be recognized by the mail server and
therefore your messages would not be forwarded to the list.

Also, autoresponders and ISP problems that create bounced messages may
cause the list's filters to automatically unsubscribe you from the 
list.  If after
checking all the above possibilities out you still are experiencing 
email the List Guides for assistance.

8.  What is the HWG-Techniques mailing List?

The HWG-Techniques List is considered one of the Guild's general
discussion lists.  This list is targeted toward those of you who are of
intermediate to advanced skill level. Its charter incorporates the issues
of both "how to do it" and "why/when to do it" as they relate to Web
site design and creation.

We are currently actively creating the Techniques FAQ and your contributions
are welcome.  Please visit <>
and send us your suggestions!

As general as this charter is, members need to make sure they post
specific requests to the HWG Specific Topic lists if more appropriate.
Descriptions and Charters of all the HWG Mailing Lists can be located
online at:


9.  What topics do NOT belong on HWG-Techniques?

Messages sent to the entire list that are just "Thanks for your help"
messages, should be sent privately, not through the list. Although it
is a courteous thing to do, it is best to keep messages like that off of
the list. If you want to, when you post a request for information or help,
you can thank members "in advance".  You may notice that some
members write "TIA" in their messages, which means "Thanks In

"Me too"  and "I agree" messages are also discouraged.  We have a
very active list and everyone's assistance in minimizing less informative
email is appreciated.  If you feel your post is not of value to the List
members as a whole, it is best kept to private email.

If you would like to have your Web site looked at by other members
of the Guild and get feedback from them, please post requests to the
hwg-critique list. Requests for feedback (critiques) are not allowed on
the hwg-techniques list.

Discussion of pricing is NOT allowed on any HWG Mailing Lists. More
information about the HWG's policy on pricing discussion can be found
at:  <> .   If you ever
have a question in regards to the pricing policy, please do not hesitate to
ask one of the List Guides at lg-techniques(at) *before* posting.

Finally, discussion about the operation or administration of the HTML
Writers Guild should not be posted on the hwg-business list. There is
a Membership Suggest Box area on the HWG Web site for you to make
constructive and helpful suggestions directly to the Governing Board.
This service also gives you the opportunity to submit your ideas on what
kind of services you would like to see from the Guild, your feedback on
current Guild projects, and ideas for new Guild programs.


10.  What other mailing lists are available?

The HWG offers a plethora of list selections for members to choose from
depending on their areas of interest.  For an overview of all the general and
topic specific lists offered by the HWG please visit:


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