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On Monday, July 02, 2001 10:23 AM, Peggi Rodgers [mailto:woodduck(at)mbay.net] asked:
>...I have a new client who wants a site created using whatever editor I prefer (which is Dreamweaver).  However, he  wants to be able to have his own web people modify it as they add things....It's an HTML file, not an application-specific file like Flash, for instance.
>Anyone have any experience with problems using an HTML file in various aps?

The only issue would be if you use DreamWeaver templates.  If a user accidentally edits a template tag inside the DreamWeaver-generated HTML you give them, and you are then asked to redo something -- ew!  

On the other hand, I'm a strong believer in templates and/or ssi and/or CGI-includes to create consistent pages throughout a site, especially if there is going to be an end-user maintaining them down the road.  So, if you decide to not use DW templates, which you should not use because the end-user won't be using DW, I think you might think about creating headers/footers using some server-side capability.


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