Dumb HTML Question

by Peggi & Ben Rodgers <woodduck(at)mbay.net>

 Date:  Mon, 02 Jul 2001 07:23:04 -0700
 To:  hwg-techniques(at)hwg.org
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But one I have never gotten before.  I have a new client who wants a site 
created using whatever editor I prefer (which is Dreamweaver).  However, he 
wants to be able to have his own web people modify it as they add 
things.   He's concerned that Adobe GoLive (their editor choice) will not 
be able to read a file created in Dreamweaver.  Logically I don't see this 
as a problem.  It's an HTML file, not an application-specific file like 
Flash, for instance.

Anyone have any experience with problems using an HTML file in various aps?



Peggi Rodgers
Flash Developer
Misty Canyon Designs
Pacific Grove, CA

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