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by Kimiko Drew <macruimmon(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 06 Jul 2001 09:31:26 -0700
 To:  bryan.westbrook(at),
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At 11:01 AM 7/6/01 -0500, bryan.westbrook(at) wrote:
>The WWW was
>created to exchange ideas, not to tantalize surfers like a bunch of babies
>staring at shiny objects.

However, the web did not take off as a commercial venture, until shiny 
objects like photos and color came into the setting. Text alone just 
doesn't cut it, unfortunately.

I am one who prefers content to return visitors to my sites, but some of 
the most requested content is images, especially photos. And Flash games, 
much to my chagrin. But I still hold off on the Flash for Flash sake, as it 
drives me batty to have to wait and wait and find out it wasn't worth 
waiting for.

my three pennys (shiny ones too.)

Kimiko Drew
a web designer in The Camarilla
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Nothing happens unless first a dream. - Carl Sandburg 

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