Re: PDF Won't Display

by Norman Bunn <norman.bunn(at)>

 Date:  Thu, 20 Dec 2001 10:15:48 -0500
 To:  <ltitus(at)>,
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If you have a download manager such as Real Download, it may intercept the 
document and prompt you to display it outside the browser.  This can cause 
the problem you are seeing.

BTW, Real Download retrieved the document just fine on my machine (IE 6, XP 


Problem is, it won't display at the web site.  Well, it displays OK for a
>couple of people but I've tried for two days to get it to display on my
>computer, but all I get is a blank window ("Document:Done" byline).  I've
>tested it in Explorer 6 and Netscape 4.  It's 334K - could that be the
>reason?  If it is, do you have any ideas for how I can make the file
>smaller? I'm open to recreating this document in another program.
>Linda Titus

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