Re: WebTV and cookies?

by Charles A Upsdell <cupsdell(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 04 Jul 2001 11:09:37 -0400
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 Cc:  "Robert Clendaniel" <robert(at)>
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  todo: View Thread, Original reports that cookies in WebTV 2.6, released early this year, no 
longer work properly.

At 03:43 AM 07/04/01, you wrote:
>One of our client sites has a form which uses cookies to allow
>users to retain information between visits and not to have to
>retype in a bunch of stuff, as people typically use it every
>We've just heard from an unhappy visitor for whom the cookies
>aren't working; he uses WebTV and insists that our site's cookies
>worked OK until recently - no changes have been made to the page
>since before this.
>What are the issues WebTV has with cookies, if any?  Any and all
>advice most welcome!
>FWIW, the form CGI we use here is "yform" but it's based on
>Robert L. Clendaniel
>BayLogic Internet Marketing Inc.

Chuck Upsdell
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