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 Date:  Thu, 13 Dec 2001 13:33:36 -0800
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Turn the newsletter into a set of web pages.

The client sends out a simple email with some highlights about the 
newsletter and provides the URL to the current issue..

At 02:37 PM 12/13/01 -0600, Blue Tapp wrote:
>Hello all:
>I have a client who wants to send a lengthy newsletter (17 pages) via e-mail
>to members of his organization.  The newsletter contains a graphical cover
>page, and 17 pages of text with graphical headers and text footers, and he
>wants it to print consistently for everyone so my immediate thought is a
>.pdf file.  When I convert the document to pdf it is 108K which is too big
>to e-mail.  My client's AOL won't even open it.  Any ideas on alternative
>methods that would be as universally user friendly as possible?
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