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If you have PartitionMagic or something similar, you should be able to 
convert the NT's NTFS format back to a DOS 16-bit system.

And if you still have a copy of MS-DOS laying around, after using 
PartitionMagic consider using it to FDisk the hard drive and creating a 
MS-DOS boot disk to fire up the machine and any CD-ROMs on the 
system.  Then install Win2000 to the clean hard drive, and during the 
installation, also create the Win2K boot disks as well.

It's never a good idea to install a new Win O/S on top of an old one, 
especially if you can do a clean install.  Despite M$ claims, you will 
always run the risk that there will be residual problems you will never 
quite detect and/or solve.

At 02:59 PM 12/27/01 -0500, Paul Kmecak wrote:
>Hi, All.
>I currently have a WinNT 4.0 SP6a system that I plan to upgrade to
>Win2K.  The current system is kind of clogged and I think there's some
>virus damage, so I want to wipe everything out and install Win2K on an
>empty disk (after backing up the good stuff).
>I understand under MS-DOS I could run FDISK to clean everything out, but
>how do I create an MS-DOS boot disk under WinNT?  It doesn't seem to be
>a valid "format" option.
>So, how do I take out the garbage?  If I install Win2K starting with the
>install disks, will that allow me to scrub my system clean?  Can I
>format each partition under WinNT, including the C: drive?
>Any information and assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks In
>Paul Kmecak

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