Subject: Javascript usage in site (for new windows and NS-CSS)

by ClassAct <classactdesign(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 31 Dec 2001 16:41:25 -0500
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<<someone wrote: The only reason a few people prefer Netscape 4 for testing 
is that it is
more buggy than IE. >>

Frankly, I'm hearing lot's of "I's" and "Us" here. We design for "them" and 
that is what counts. The following is a reply to a post I wrote to another 
list a few months ago:

After six years of site building, sadly to say, I've dropped Netscape. 
Instead of designing for different browsers, I now stick to IE almost 
exclusively, AOL a distant second, and prefer to dedicate more time to 
accessibility/usability design issues.
1. Log Files. About 90% of the visitors to my clients'  sites are browsing 
with IE. I check these often.
2. The general public is not as interested as we, the techies/designers, to 
get the latest software/hardware, are not computer experts, nor do they 
have the time. Most just want to surf, get the info then leave. And, if IE 
works, why bother downloading another browser? Let alone installing and 
configuring it. Put yourselves in their shoes.
3. Netscape is not strong in Europe, and other continents. Some of the 
clients are international entities and their sites are in their own 
language. IE dominates. Web sites are global not local.

Please don't get me wrong. It is not the way I would  have liked to see it 
end for Netscape, since I've used it when it was Mosaic, but the reality is 
that with Microsoft making IE such an integral part of the Windows OS, 
there is little chance of NN's survival regardless of who the new owner is 
and any deals it had/has with Microsoft and software/hardware manufacturers.

IMHO, AOL's delay of NN6 for almost a year left Microsoft's IE clear to 
usurp the browser market and eventually kill any chances of NN re-emerging. 
Furthermore, by this time, designers were balking at Netscape's changes and 
tired of the browser wars.
So.. with this said, I need to add a pet peeve which I'm sure has been 
mentioned many times before and, in favor of conserving bandwidth, I'm 
surprised at how hard a time I had reading the digest version of this list. 
There is no need to "quote" the whole previous message. I would appreciate, 
as well as many others here, if we all could just reference a few lines of 
the previous post, the subject line also makes a reference to the post. (no 
pun intended, my fellow designers)

Nora S.

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