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 Date:  Fri, 01 Mar 2002 15:18:35 -0500
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I think the validator is complaining about "onClick". Try "onclick" and it=
should validate.


At 01:30 PM 3/1/2002 -0600, Davies, Elizabeth H. wrote:
>I might have missed this somewhere, sorry.
>I have a set of radio buttons that turn a div visible or hidden depending=
>on if "yes" or "no" is clicked. The validator says that there is no=20
>onClick for this element anymore in XHTML 1.0 Transitional. I don't have=20
>to use this version, but wanted to for this particular project.
>What can I use instead of:
>               <.input type=3D"radio" value=3D"Yes" name=3D"6"=
> /> Yes  <br />
>               <.input type=3D"radio" value=3D"No" name=3D"6"=
> />  No
>where the yes0() or no0() are javascript functions that simply make a div=
>visible or hidden. What takes the place of this methodology? Is there a=20
>better way?...
>As a side note: I find it ironic with the current discussion of javascript=
>in URL's that you can no longer use the onClick method in an input image=20
>reset button. So my normal method of using an image for reset would be
><.a href=3D"#" onClick=3Ddocument.myForm.reset();no0();"><img blah></a>.=
>NOT validate)
>The only way to validate (that I found) that allowed you to use an image=20
>for a reset button was to list the link as
><.a href=3D"javascript:onClick=3Ddocument.myForm.reset();no0 ();" ><img=20
>stuff></a>. (validates)
>Elizabeth Davies
>Web Designer
>West Interactive Corporation

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