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At 09:10 AM 3/8/02 +0000, Jimmy W wrote:

>Hi i was wondering about a few things. im in the process of designing a 
>web page for university assignment. i have done code in HTML4 with some 
>javascript and CSS, also i have done code to work on internet explorer and 
>netscape. what i am wondering is, i want to put a link on my internet 
>explorer page that says "if you are using netscape naviagtor click here" 
>then this will open netscape and bring the page up, however whenever i do 
>this all it is doin is opening another internet explorer page instead of 
>netscape :0|
>any ideas on what i should do?

The determination of which browser will be the default browser for *that* 
system is done within the Registry  (if I recall correctly).  That said, 
you now have a security issue when an HTML page could be created that 
changes internal setting for a computer.  Not a good idea.  The systems 
administrators who maintain those computers within the university may want 
to have a word with you.  For some info, see

Personally, any web page which attempts to change settings on *my* system, 
with or without my knowledge, I consider malicious.  But then again, I've 
been known to go after spammers and script kiddies with a vengence so your 
ideas about security and integrity may be different.  :)

>Also on netscape i have a submission form for details like name etc, at 
>the top of the page are 4 naviagtional gifs, when opened in netscape none 
>of my pictures on my site worked, this i have sorted by uploading them 
>again and it seems to have worked, however whenever i do this with my 
>submissions page, the gifs come up fine but all that is left of my form is 
>the text, there are no boxes for the information to be inputted, no drop 
>down boxes, absolutely nothing. it is baffling me why this is happeneing

Without a URL or the actual code, it's kinda hard to help.


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