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Shouldn't you be creating and maintaining web sites for the "convenience" 
of your site's customers and clients, and not you, the web designer?   If 
you believe in the former, your code should encompass as many browser 
versions as possible, meaning shorthand code (although legal) is not the 
way to go.  OTOH, if your personal convenience in site building is more 
important than the potential customers and clients you may drive away, by 
all means use shorthand code.

Yes, I am being particularly harsh.

We may talk about the technicalities of web design on this list, but it 
should be done with your customers and clients not far from our 
minds.  Getting wrapped up in the technology for its own sake, for the 
convenience for the designer, and/or for the ego wanking "wow" factor in 
attempts to impress other techies seems to me to miss the Prime Directive.

"Saving" three keystrokes is a petty and trivial excuse when you step back 
and look at the larger picture.


At 06:06 PM 3/26/02 -0500, Ryan Fischer wrote:
>You wrote:
> > I guess I just don't get why anyone would try to save three (3)
> > when entering colours.  *puzzled*
>Me, I almost always use this shorthand when writing CSS, unless I'm
>using a color name.  Reason being, I started when it was best to use the
>216 web safe colors only when writing web pages, and those colors can be
>expressed in short hand as a side effect of what their values are.  So,
>IMO, it's better to write shorthand not just because it saves
>keystrokes, but because of this rule of thumb.
>  -Ryan

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