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by KeithWBell(at)

 Date:  Mon, 22 May 2000 05:07:01 EDT
 To:  robert(at),
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In a message dated 22/05/00 08:48:04 GMT Daylight Time, robert(at) 

> code like this -
>  <INPUT NAME="name" TYPE="text" SIZE=12>
>   - renders an acceptable length in IE 4.X and 5.0, but a much
>  longer (and unacceptable) length in NN 4.X, at least on my
>  systems.
>  Thus my question - is there some way (stylesheets perhaps?) to
>  control the length of text input boxes so they're roughly the
>  same in all browsers.

Hi Robert

My approach is to set the SIZE attribute in the INPUT tag so that the text 
box looks the "right" length in Netscape, then to add an inline STYLE for IE, 

<input type="text" name="whatever" size="14" style="width: 150px">

produces a text box that is 150 pixels wide in IE and a box about the same 
size in NN4. Just experiment with sizes to get what you need.


Keith Bell

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