Re: Please help: layout (float?) problem...

by Mark Horvath <markchorvath(at)>

 Date:  Sun, 08 Feb 2004 18:47:10 -0500
 To:  hwg-techniques(at)
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Hi Anna,

I looked at your page in Mozilla 0.7, which I believe is the core of 
Netscape 6, and saw a problem: the text for the " In Transit Archive" was 
not in the left column. The grey column was floated over to the left, but 
the text was displayed outside of the grey column, just to he right of it.

Quite by accident, in your style sheet, styles00.css, I added a border to 
the div.grey selector (border: 1px solid red;) to help troubleshoot the CSS 
and lo and behold the text repositioned itself properly in the grey column. 
I don't know enough CSS to know why this happened or even if this is the 
core problem, but somehow it had an effect. Hopefully, this may be of some 

Best wishes,

Mark Horvath

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