Re[2]: Using CSS to replace tables for positioning

by Anton Tagunov <tae(at)>

 Date:  Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:37:57 +0300
 To:  "Richard Lake" <relake(at)>
 Cc:  hwg-techniques(at)
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Hello, Richard!

Thanks for bringing this topic for discussion!

RL> Anton Tagunov has suggested a few things that appear to fix the position of
RL> everything but I've not tried any of it yet. Anton is there somewhere I can
RL> view what you're suggesting?

Okay, you have inspired me to put this online. You're welcome at

It would be great if you also put your developments online, so
that we can test and compare!

Richard, what do you say if I volunteer to help you in building
a mini web devoted to this discussion?

I see it that either you or me
 - collect the different variants (.html-s)
   that we have invited ourselves or that we have tried on suggestions
   from this discussion
 - we also take your previous summary mail
 - create a front page that will say that our goal is to nuke the

and put to some free hosting?

May it may be your or mine personal web page..
Or we can both have a copy  :-)
And cross link to each other!

Each page will have a short notice inside on
who has supplied the ideas and who has actually
coded the page.

Who will do it?

Will you send me a .zip of your current tests to start with?

I find that tripod hosting is just fine

- Anton

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