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 Date:  Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:21:41 -0600
 To:  jami(at)
 Cc:  Richard Lake <relake(at)>, hwg-techniques(at)
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Seemed to work fine in IE 6 and Opera 5.  No go for NN 4.7 and NN 6.2


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From: Jami Moore <jami(at)>
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 2:49 pm
Subject: RE: Using CSS to replace tables for positioning

> Ok, so I wanted to play with positioning, and now I have. Richard, 
> take 
> a look at this page in NN6 and tell me if it breaks. I spent about 
> an 
> hour and a half trying to just get the footer to show in the right 
> spot.
> Also try:
> Same layout, just without specifying the float or anything.
> Unfortunately I don't have NN here at work (not any version, 
> sorry), so 
> I can't test this myself. If it doesn't work, please let me know, 
> as I 
> am trying out CSS positioning for the first time. I hope it helps.
> *Note: ignore the jabber, I was trying to see if all that text 
> would 
> break the design, and it didn't, even when I made my browser 
> window 
> very very small. But I tested it in IE5.5 only (WinNT 4.0, 
> 1024x768 
> res.)
> --
> Jami Moore

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