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 Date:  Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:18:30 -0600
 To:  Christie Cooksey <christie(at)>
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Although I don't normally use it for anything else...  Frontpage has a 
good import utility.  Remember that it will only download HTML not any 
server side scripting or files not linked in the HTML.


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From: Christie Cooksey <christie(at)>
Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2002 1:57 pm
Subject: OT-Saving a site w/o ftp

> How can I save the files of a large site without ftp access?
> I've just volunteered to update a fairly large site that was 
> created and
> hosted by volunteers (a "too many volunteers spoil the broth" sort 
> of thing)
> and NOBODY can remember where the directory is.  Not the museum, 
> not the
> ISP, not the old webmaster...
> Is there a program out there that will download a site to a specified
> directory for later viewing off-line?
> Cheers
> Christie Cooksey  :0)

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