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by KeithWBell(at)

 Date:  Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:29:00 EDT
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In a message dated 19/09/00 14:04:16 GMT Daylight Time, darrell(at) 

> I am getting complaints regarding our use of ems to set font sizes.
>  Apparently, some browsers (notably Netscape 4.x) on Mac sytems display the
>  fonts in sizes much smaller than PCs do.  We do not set a size for the body
>  style, but let the browser set it's own to maintain display flexibility for
>  the users.

Darrell, control of font sizes using the various CSS methods is fraught with 
problems because of the differing support offered by browsers and the 
difference in typical screen resolution between platforms - about the only 
thing that works reliably is pixels (albeit with certain accessibility 
limitations). Jeffrey Zeldman covered this pretty exhaustively in a recent 
issue of A List Apart starting at:

It's a different approach, but you might find the info in the article useful.

Keith Bell

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