Re: AOL Problem with Java Applet?

by KeithWBell(at)

 Date:  Wed, 10 May 2000 02:40:00 EDT
 To:  anne(at),
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In a message dated 10/05/00 01:21:10 GMT Daylight Time, anne(at) 

> An AOL user has reported a problem with the Java Applet on my 
>  main page. I is not completely loading. I'm not sure if it is because 
>  they are on AOL that they are having this problem, or some other 
>  reason.

Anne, I don't think it's just an AOL problem. I tried looking at your page in 
IE4 running under Win95, and the applet wouldn't load. I waited and waited 
and waited (even more so than usual on an applet!), but was left facing the 
ubiquitous grey box on the screen.

Not much help, but you might like to know.

Keith Bell

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