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 Date:  Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:55:52 -0600
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Norton Internet Security has a "feature" that is supposed to block banner =
ads.  I have had numerous situations where it block non-ad images as well. =
 Check the configuration of NIS and see if "block banner ads" is enabled.


Jack Leblond
Director of Internet Services

>>> Annery Kiln Web Design <info(at)> 2/12/04 4:06:26 PM >>>
> Help! I'm stumped,

>     I have a client running Windows XP on a PC who can not see the =
images on
> the portfolio page of this site. . I've heard this =
> a couple people all with current operating systems and browsers. Now =
> site is very basic, tables with some JavaScript. My client is running =
> Antivirus and Norton Internet Securities. Any ideas?


If you mean they can't see the pop up windowed images then they
probably have got pop-ups disabled in NAV or some other anti-pop-up

You could abandon all the unnecessary Javascript overload and not have
popups and show the images on their own pages.

Would be alot more accessible for everyone - those without Javascript
enalbed and with pop-ups disabled.

Marten Gallagher

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