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 Date:  Thu, 12 Sep 2002 10:11:06 +0100
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There is a difference of opinion between myself and my manager as to how
our company website (focused on selling products and services) should
present the homepage.

My opinion is that it is best to provide some example products and
services with links direct to details of these on the homepage, to give
users a way in to the rest of the site (and hopefully to sell more of
the example content).

>From looking at popular sites like Amazon I seem to be correct.

However, my manager believes that we should provide text giving an
overview of everything the company does. Mu opinion of this is that if
users want that they will go to the about section (and that only a small
percentage want it, the rest want to get on with specific tasks).

The homepage in question is at:

My manager prefers this one:

Obviously there's some pride involved here (from me) as I've put a lot
of effort into the site, and the way it is designed (especially the
homepage) so all opinions gratefully recieved. Please tell me if I'm


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