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 Date:  Sat, 14 Apr 2001 18:24:26 -0700
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Fuzzy is probably correct when he says:
>>"Sell her your services as a part time assistant."<<

However--this only holds true if:

You really know your code--AND:

1. Your client is willing.
2. And will pay you enough to make it worth your while.

Yes--I even agree that in a perfect world, where time is of little value,
this should be "better" than using a WYSIWYG editor.

HOWEVER -- Unless your world is a lot better than mine, it is far from

So my advise is--If she really insists on updating the material herself, do
the following.

First and most important, keep the design simple.
Second. Make a template page so all she has to do is fill in the blanks.

For your piece of mind, DO use a WYSIWYG editor. It's a lot easier than
trying to teach her HTML -- or even worse -- making a coding mistake
yourself and having her catch you at it.

These editors don't make the usual typos we all tend to make. I use
FrontPage all the time and I NEVER have trouble with a FrontPage page. It's
the stuff I ADD to that page that often gives the problems.

These editors have only that one drawback. They WILL do what you tell it to
do--even if what you tell it is wrong. And just like MS Word, it will "let"
you misspell a word. Oh sure, it will show the wiggly red line but if you
don't correct that bad word the program will take you at face value and tell
the printer to print it. Or the browser to display it. That's why I
reiterate--Keep it Simple!! If you don't, SHE will screw up and blame you
for it.

1. Have her buy TWO copies of FrontPage 2000. One for you and one for her.
2. Design her web using FrontPage so you get used to using it and can help
her over the phone. KEEP THE DESIGN SIMPLE!! That way, when she says
"thing-a-ma-jig" you know what she is talking about.

3. Do NOT use the FrontPage Extensions. Many ISP's do not support
them--granted hundreds do--and most of the problems people have with
FrontPage are ones associated with publishing using the extensions. I highly
recommend you FTP the pages to the server instead. (Just like you do with
hand coding.) You will be surprised how few features you will lose this way.

4. Show your client how to fill in the information on her copy of FrontPage.
REMEMBER A FrontPage web page is JUST LIKE any other web page. It is HTML
that can be copied, pasted, or e-mailed just like hand coding.

For example, she can "save" her page to her own hard drive and then e-mail
you the file. Then YOU can upload it for her. Or any other combination the
two of you work out.

Regardless of what you often hear, FrontPage--or Dreamweaver, etc.--will NOT
fill your page with "redundant" code. True--it writes code for one page
element at a time. But many hand coders write code in exactly the same way
as they feel it makes the page easier to understand and re-edit at a later

Indeed--most of the negative "stories" you hear about FrontPage--or any
other WYSIWYG editor are simply old wives tales that have been bandied about
so long that people are taking it as fact. Taint necessarily so!!

And last but far from least, using this program to create the basic page in
seconds--not hours--leaves you all that extra time for creativity. And
that's what their REALLY paying you for.

Best wishes
Ted Temer
Temercraft Designs Redding, CA

> Hello World!  (sorry I couldn't resist)
> :-)
> I have a new website to make for a realtor.  I need to make the site so
> that she can update her listings herself (or have her assistant do it).
> Does anyone have any suggestions about the best and perhaps easiest way
> to accomplish this?  All I really have is a basic understanding of HTML,
> but I'm in this biz because I love it and am willing to learn whatever I
> need to accomplish the task.
> Thanks,
> Jennifer

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