Re: How to develop a site offline (<BASE ...> ?)

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 Date:  Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:14:50 -0500
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Quick suggestion: Get IE, open the page, choose save as, make sure the type
is set to "Web Page, complete," then save it to where you want on your hard
drive. This will download the files and pages. That's a start. Then work
around that. Also, PWS and Apache sound like good ideas. If your going to
build a new site, that would be the quickest way to do so in my opinion. I
use this method all the time.

HTH - Jami

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> On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Larry Coats wrote:
> > If you can use relative references such as css/music.css or
> > your references will work exactly the same when viewed locally as when
> > on the server. I don't see that it's much more difficult to use the
> > references; you just have to know more about where the directory you're
> > currently working in resides in relation to the css directory.
> I would have done that except for the fact that Netscape 4.x doesn't
> handle relative references the right way.
> (see other thread going on about "file/path names")
> TjL

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