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by "Peter Newton" <c-newton(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 7 Sep 1999 12:08:57 +1200
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Another twist in the saga came to mind when you mentioned the gif comment
field and that is that if you go to netmechanic or many of the other
validation services they offer a service to Downsize an image for you
without too much loss of quality and they put a little message in the
comment field to this effect. What software then created the final gif? What
happened to the original message if any?

OK now back to work on my cgi script

Peter Newton

original message

> How could they prove it?
>Well, there's a comment field that may be in any gif. Many
>applications use this to indicate that their product did
>indeed produce that gif. In addition, I've seen some
>comment fields that stated that the copy used was
>unregistered! Now, hopefully any product that puts such
>a comment in the gif would be licensed with unisys, but
>who knows? Many products, however, put no indication at all
>in the gif. Could be that the licensed program you use does
>put in a comment, and that it cannot be easily removed, so
>they could infer that gifs without the comment were NOT
>produced with that product.
>Another suggestion: unless the number of gifs in your pages
>are too many, just load each one into a licensed program that
>you own, and re-save them. Then they truely WERE created with
>that program. Just make sure that any previous comment field
>isn't carried forth to the new gif.
>I suspect this would satisfy unisys, should they really take
>the time to download and examine every one of your gifs.

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