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Hi List

This is my first time post on this mail list (in fact, any mail list),
so this
is a big moment for me. :)

I manage a relatively large government web site (which is in somewhat
of a
shambles, but I'll save that for another day). The growing trend in
department, is to put anything and everything up on the web as a PDF
While this is an easy operation from our end, I'm not sure how happy
clients (the general public) are about this. I have two questions:

1. What is the optimal size for a single PDF file? We have PDF files
on our
site ranging from 100K to 6-7MB. I imagine a lot of our clients would
these with a modem over a phone line.

2. Is it possible to edit a PDF file? If so, through what application?
I know
how to create PDF files (using Acrobat Distiller), although I'm by no
means an

Appreciate any hints.

Sharon Elix

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