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Hi Roger,

Do you have Norton Firewall installed on your computer? Its only a problem
when a Firewall is installed. I know that Norton Firewall causes the
problem. I don't know if any other personal firewall software causes it

I have a computer upstairs that has Norton Firewall on it and I can only
see the images that I listed. If you have Norton Firewall and you can see
all of the images... well... then... I'm really confused.


Michelle Chabot
Chabot Web Design

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Seems I do not follow your problem, as I can see all images and
? was this a ploy to have us look at them ? or what ! ?
or you have fixed them and I am looking at the newer fixed pages
Roger H.

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Hi Everyone,

I'm having the devil's own time trying to code thumbnails so
they'll show
on a webpage even when a Norton Firewall installed. I can't seem
to find
the common denominator.

At first I thought it might be the folder the images were in, so
I put them
all in an innocuous "images/" folder. No good. Then I thought
Norton might
not like my "_100" on the end of the title of my images (i.e.
jiffypop_100.jpg), but this doesn't seem to be it either. I went
back and
changed 2 or 3 of them and Norton still won't show it. Plus, on
one of the
pages an image with the "_100" is one of the only ones that
*does* show!

I inherited this website, so I checked to see if the tables were
Seems so, everything was formatted right in Netscape. I took out
the <--
Web bot--> stuff that was left over. Where have I gone wrong?!

Please help! Here's the page I've been working on: The other
pages don't
work either, but I figure if I can get this one to work then I
can start on
the rest.

The only image that comes up on this page is the "Healing Angel"
(Angel-Pendant.jpg) image. The Angel thumbnail picture is the
same image
that I used on the page that shows the details of this product.

I've been cross-referencing with this page: and the only
images that
come up on there are:

Shoe Lover Drawstring Pants (ShoeLoverDrawstringPants_125.jpg)
Shoe Lover Robe (ShoeLoverRobe_125.jpg)
Flip Flop Tote (FlipFlopToteBag_100.jpg)
Biwa Pearl, Blue Topaz & Amethyst Bracelet

The Biwa Pearl... image is the same for the thumbnail and the
page that
shows the details of this product.

Thanks in Advance,

Michelle Chabot
Chabot Web Design

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