Re: Images for an etext

by "Frank Boumphrey" <bckman(at)>

 Date:  Tue, 4 Apr 2000 18:02:30 -0400
 To:  "Rob Parker" <RobParker(at)>
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You can't get it to display on current browsers (Unless you are using
XHTML), but put it in just the same because i am sure this will not be the
case in a couple of years!

We will also have to declare a notation in the DTD for images. The current
DTD does not have the proper declarations.

Remember we are doing this for posterity


PS. You can  get them to appear in both Gecko and IE5 _now_by declaring and
using a namespace <html:img src=etc/> tag. However this is a temporary
solution, and I would rather do things "properly" and wait for the soft ware
to catch up with our 'correct' markup, rather than vice versa.
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Subject: Re: Images for an etext

> Hi Frank,
> I'm trying your suggestion for including images in my etext, with mixed
> results:
> No parsing errors for the <graphic/> construction, and I can place it
> I need it (in both <frontmatter> sections and <bookbody> sections; also no
> errors when the page loads into my browser (IE5.01)
> <graphic desc="Alice and the Red Knight" href="tlg01.jpg"/>
> and the <blockgraphic> also works, except that I'm limited as to where I
> put it.
> <blockgraphic>
> <title>Alice and the Red Knight</title>
> <graphic desc="Alice and the Red Knight" href="tlg01.gif"/>
> <caption>Alice and the Red Knight walking through the forest.</caption>
> </blockgraphic>
> The problem is that the image is not displayed in the browser (for the
> <blockgraphic>, both the title and caption display OK). How do I get the
> image to display? I've included a rule in my stylesheet to allow display -
> graphic{display:block:} - but this hasn't helped. What am I missing?
> Note: for test purposes I've got both a jpg and a gif file (I'll use jpg
> files for the distributable version), and the image files are in the same
> directory as the xml file.
> Rob

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