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 Date:  Sat, 20 May 2000 17:09:56 +0100
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I have no desire to start anything ;-), or to get totally OT, but what you
have heard is entirely true! I spent most of yesterday trying to restore a
machine at work to functional IE5, after some silly idiot had put AOL's
browser on it, and it was nigh impossible; I think I _am_ in fact going to
have to reinstall IE; something very strange has happened to it (as though
IE and the dial-up have become completely divorced). So 1) if anyone else
has done this and can tell me what exactly I need to do, I'll be very
grateful, and 2) if there's any way you can not install the browser, I'd
advise you to take it!


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Subject: AOLO user check

> Hello:
> I want to be able to check my sites for AOL users but I am not an AOL
> subscriber.  I have also heard that once you install an AOL browser it
> "takes over" all your Internet settings and it is virtually impossible to
> return your machine to it's former state (without reinstalling IE and NN).
> Any suggestions?
> Marty

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