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 Date:  Fri, 27 Jul 2001 17:34:33 +0100
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First of all there is

var screen_size=screen.width;

which is the width of the monitor in pixels.

Then there is

var window_size=document.body.clientWidth;

for the actual browser window - and of course it works for height as well


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Subject: Netscape and Scripts

> I see a new version of Netscape Communicator has been released. Anybody
tried it
> and any issues ?
> Without resorting to some kind of server-side script and instead sticking
to a
> simple page script, can I extract the current time in a specific time zone
> i.e. I need to know GMT time for a UK web-site, no matter where in the
world the
> user is, for appropriate support prompts, etc (i.e. "It's the dead of
night - go
> away". No, not really that one, but you get the idea).
> Oh, and I'm having my usual Friday afternoon jelly-brain time. Can
> remind me how, in JS, you can detect the resolution the current window is
at ?
> Sorry to be a bane - at least I've saved my queries up ;o)
> Thanks.
> David.

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