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 Date:  Thu, 14 Mar 2002 07:18:59 -0500
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NN6 is not Mozilla.  It is based on an older Mozilla build.

The original NN6 was based on a build that the Mozilla team did not
recommend as being suitable for public beta, much less full release.
.8.-something, I think.  It wasn't until about .9.5 that the programmers
announced they thought the Mozilla browser should begin public beta.

The browser is now at .9.9 (  Notice that the dot comes
first in the version.  This is not even a first, full release.  The team is
approaching the full release correctly: resolving bugs before announcing the
product is ready to stand trial at public beta.  As with any software, it is
expected that the beta period will produce yet more bug reports, as will
every week of every year that the product is in service.

Can you imagine the pressure that the programmers must be under?  With the
disastrous release of NN6, much press has been devoted to the "death of
Netscape" or "Netscape's loss in the browser wars."  Yet, they still move
ahead methodically, assembling the product properly without rushing it to
market for commercial reasons.

I have a great deal of hope for the future of the Mozilla product.  I've
tried NN4 and, from a user's perspective, did not like it.  I don't like the
fact that it uses a totally proprietary DOM with special layer tags, I don't
like the email client which can only handle one account and I don't like the
fact that it is not following the advance of technology...leaves me
wondering what I might be missing...:).  Mozilla, OTOH, has actually made a
success of matching IE for diversity and standardization.  It may not be
quite done yet, but it's almost there and it's going to be a very viable
alternative to IE.  Already is, at .9.9...:).

My Mozilla build (.9.6) loads as quickly as my NN4.71.  It renders pages as
quickly, and with as much reliability.  Although there are still quirks, I
find any comparison between the two leaves the Mozilla browser winning


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From: "Robin Liston" <rliston(at)>

Just out of curiosity how many of you actually use NN6/Mozilla for everyday

I have NN6.2 and I absolutely loathe it. My "favorite" thing is when you
reload a page many times the page loads completely different or not all.
This includes pages that have been tweaked to work with it. It is also very
slow. I think it is much worse the NN4.x. It behaves poorly on every
computer I've seen.

The only time I fire it up is to test webpages, or else I'd get rid of it.

For people who are anti-IE I think NN4 is usually their first choice. I
don't think NN4 will "die" unless NN6 shapes up quickly.

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