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 Date:  Mon, 16 Sep 2002 16:09:54 -0500
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The images are positioned about the same in IE5.5 as in Netscape 6.2 on my
computer (Win98).  I'm viewing at 1024x768.

Here's a thought on some of your code.  Instead of doing this:

<h1>How Do HSV-1 Promoters Mediate the Kinetics of Transcription

<p><center><img SRC="promoters.jpg" height=336 width=455></center>

I would use this:

<h1 align="center">How Do HSV-1 Promoters Mediate the Kinetics of
Transcription Observed?</h1>

<p align="center"><img SRC="promoters.jpg" height=336 width=455></p>

Dale Worley
Imagine Computer Services
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> The following page looks fine in IE5.5 but the client reported that in
> Netscape (I don't know which version, yet) the images all lay on top of
> text.  I used css, but not for positioning the images.  Does anyone else
> this happening and if so can you explain why?
> Karin

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