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 Date:  Sat, 2 Sep 2000 07:48:08 -0400
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I think the correct solution was posted earlier:

<.li>Outer list<./li>
       <.li>inner list<./li>
<.li>Outer list again<./li>

Note that the inner list os contained within an li of the outer list.


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From: Cindy Stanley

>> Exactly, but my point being "you will validate by opting *not* to use
>> the end li tag" in the transitional 4.0 doctype.

From: Frank Boumphrey <bckman(at)>
>But you should still validate whether you put them in or leave them out. If
>you don't then the validator is wrong

The original document in question:
did not validate when using </li> tags in the validator at the W3C

When I took out the </li> tags (and that's all I did to the original):
the document validated at the W3C.

That is why I suggested taking out the </li>'s to validate the document.

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