Re: Start with HTML or XHTML? (slightly OT)

by "Darrell King" <darrell(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 13 Mar 2002 18:56:50 -0500
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And, of course, it's not that common to use a class to achieve just one
presentation effect.  The class may have a dozen properties or more.  Since
external stylesheets are downloaded only once and reused for each page,
suddenly using class='blah' over 30 pages results in much less bandwidth
being used and in smaller, leaner HTML Documents.


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From: "Davies, Elizabeth H." <EHDavies(at)>

The class is less work in the long run because I can make global changes to
the entire site by changing the definition of the class. So, if for some
reason, the powers-that-be decided that they want all places with "verybig"
to now be in Verdana, bold, centered, and very small and bright purple.... I
don't ever touch the HTML page. I redefine ".verybig"

Of course then you should comment the style sheet to remind self and others
that ".verybig" isn't anymore ;)

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>The new trend on the horizon:
><div class="verybig">Hello world</div>
>instead of
><font size="6">Hello world</font>

And my next honest question is, how is the first one less work than
writing the second one?

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