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 Date:  Wed, 22 Sep 1999 22:25:24 -0400
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One thing to add...

If you have the host ISP do the registration for you ensure that the client
is clearly the owner of the domain name . It's becoming much less common
now, but some ISPs used to lay claim to domain names they registered to
prevent sites from moving.

Steve Hope

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> Karen:
> Between my major client and myself, we have obtained nearly a
> dozen domain names and in general, this is how we do it.
> (Admittedly, we're a little lazy)
> First, visit a site like Network Solutions Whois to make sure the
> name you wish is free and clear.
> When you have a clear name in mind, the easy way is to approach
> the ISP that you are going to have Host your site.
> Give them the domain name you wish and the name and address of
> who will the administrative contact and owner information. Often,
> the ISP will have a form to fill out that will insure all the
> information needed is supplied.
> One point--Your host should NOT be the Administrative Contact.
> They would be the Technical Contact. It's usually best if the
> client/site owner is the Administrative Contact as they will be
> the one billed by InterNIC.
> Then the host ISP will submit the Domain Name request for you and
> place a test page on their server as soon as the name is
> reserved, and give you the password, etc. to access the site.
> In the past, InterNIC would then bill the Administrative Contact
> but I understand they are changing their billing procedure. You
> may have to pay the Domain Name fee up front.
> Your host may well provide this service for free or charge a very
> small fee. (Is the word "free" a violation of HWG rules??) If you
> are one of the few people that does not know how much InterNIC
> charges per year, please e-mail us privately. We're not allowed
> to say ???
> Best wishes
> Ted Temer
> Temercraft Designs Redding, CA
> temer(at)
> >Ok, so this is probably really novice and OT
> >but gotta find out somewhere......
> >
> >I have made a page for a friend and need to
> >get a domain name for them and a host.  Question
> >is - do I do it or do they?  There must be some way
> >for me to do it but how is the $ handled ie: say the
> >host wants a credit card for monthly billing, Internic
> >wants a credit card for domain reg and so forth...
> >Like I said, BASIC stuff but how do all you professionals
> >do it?
> >
> >Please answer privately if OT.....
> >Thanks!
> >Karen Pickel
> >pegleg(at)
> >
> >
> >

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