Re: Probs Viewing in IE??

by Sharon Elix <saelix1970(at)>

 Date:  13 Sep 99 15:40:05 PDT
 To:  Donna M Smillie <dms(at)>,
sll <sll(at)>
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Hi Donna and list

I've experienced similar problems to Sharon with a site I've developed. T=
background image, while clearly observable to me in Netscape, is apparent=
non-existent when viewed with some versions of Internet Explorer. I could=
it locally with IE4, but have received complaints from external users who=

can't. I've checked my code and I only have one <body> tag. I would be
interested to hear of any other possible reasons behind the non-appearanc=
e of
my background in IE.

The URL of the site is or=
if you wish to view it in frames.

Sharon Elix

(Another Sharon from .au just to make things confusing :)

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