Can Front Page edit SSI?

by WebProgrmr(at)

 Date:  Sun, 20 Feb 2000 13:48:44 EST
 To:  hwg-languages(at)
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I have a client who wants to be able to update his site with Front Page.  
But, I'm finding a massive need for sitewide consistency that is served well 
with Includes.  Anyone know if FrontPage can edit SSI?  I'm asking because I 
don't have FP at my disposal.

I want to put <!--#include virtual="miscfile.txt" --> in the html in places 
to call up menu bars and other consistent things throughout the site.  

As I see it, laypeople are are going to go to their own web site in IE, see 
the change they want to make, then hit Edit on the IE icon bar.  If this is 
the case, they'll presumably be loading a page that has had the SSI replaced 
by html.  And when they upload, the Include statements on that page would 
therefore be written over.  

Is this true?  Or is it smart enough to retain the SSI code?

Project Manager

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