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by "Sunil Bahl" <QandA(at)>

 Date:  Fri, 21 Dec 2001 10:37:02 +0530
 To:  "Mike Taylor" <lonewolf(at)>
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Hi Mike,

>>If you choose to go the RealPlayer route, you would need to purchase their
>>RealProducer software, which encodes common video file types like .AVI and
>>.MPEG format into the RealMedia format.  It would also work similarly with
>>.WAV files and MP3 formats.

ok. I don't think the client would want to spend money buying the software.

In the past I have used Sound Forge 4.c to record voice etc. But the file
size has been quiet large. Fortunelty it's not been for the web. But now the
clients wants to have short audio clips of his voice. So how does one keep
the file size down without loosing quality??

Also will the .wav/.MP3 file stream when it is clicked on??

Best Wishes,

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