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 Date:  Sun, 8 Jul 2001 20:49:40 -0400
 To:  "Marc David Johnson" <mjohnson(at)>,
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Affirm sir will put it on the list and advise.  Ray T. Mahorney

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> Ray T. Mahorney Wrote:

> I personally find the sights with eye candy and shiny objects to be
> annoying.  Not because I can see the information contained there in but
because I cant.  More often
> than not the eye candy laden sights pose enormous  access problems for
those who rely on screen
> reading software or Braille displays to view web content.  For this group,
A sight from hell is one
> on which the eye candy keeps us from getting to the information we are
after.  Screen reading
> technology has come a long way but the developers of this software are not
able to keep pace with an
> industry which changes as rapidly as the browser market.


I am wondering if you, or anyone else out there with screen reader software
or a Braille display, could look at a basic "vanilla" site I have developed
and let me know how it works for you.

The basic backend code should keep the pages accessible (or inaccessible,
depending on feedback) while I start concentrating on making the pages

The site is named, oddly enough, and yes, it is
supposed to look generic at this point - the goal is to have it validate
correctly and to make it accessible and THEN start "fluffing" up the look.

Thank you for your time,

Marc David Johnson
Web Designer
"A little bit of everything ... and a whole lot of nothing."

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