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by "Thomas G. Habing" <habing(at)>

 Date:  Wed, 24 May 2000 22:37:11 -0500
 To:  Murray Altheim <altheim(at)>
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Hi Murray, et al.

The DLib project with which I'm involved at the U. of Illinois has developed a
metadata DTD based on RDF, Dublin Core, and some custom elements.  It is
primarily focused on scientific/technical journal articles, but might provide a
springboard to a more generic DTD.

We have also been experimenting with the ISO 11179 standard for describing
metadata (meta-meta-data :-).  You can see some of our documentation at  We also have a DTD for our
scheme, which I could make available, if there is interest.  We also have XSL
style sheets for transforming the markup to HTML for viewing extended

Comments, questions, criticisms welcome.

Thomas G. Habing

Murray Altheim wrote:

> Frank talked in Amsterdam last week on a panel about metadata, and I
> just finished having a conversation with Norm Walsh about bibliographic
> metadata as a separate component in DocBook. The prototype DTDs I've been
> playing with have a blank module for standardized metadata, and I'm
> thinking it might be a really good idea to start an OASIS technical
> committee on the subject, with the goal being a simple grammar in the
> form of a DTD module to provide all Gutenberg texts with a markup to
> contain such content. I'm guessing we'd probably want to use some form
> of Dublin Core Element Set as a basis, rather than reinvent the wheel.
> Does anybody have any difficulties with starting an OASIS TC to formalize
> this effort? Would anyone like to participate? I have gotten the okay from
> my management to do so, so we could get this ball arollin' fairly quickly
> since we have 1. a basis in Dublin Core, and 2. a strong need to provide
> the Gutenberg Project DTDs with such a product.
> I'm also involved with the topic map activity, so I might be able to
> provide liaison with that work. I think we might also get Norm involved,
> which would be great since this might reflect back into DocBook. Dunno,
> though, since he's pretty busy.
> Opinions, support, flames, empty gum wrappers, etc. solicited...
> Murray
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